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Private Collectors ◦ Artists Unknown


The new series of exhibitions at the void, do not show any exhibition at the-void.org. Why?

It is an unexplored archive of possible exhibitions that artists have in their cellars, storages, workshops, drawers, list boxes and minds. Weather or not they are realised, and if so, where and at who´s terms they are realised, is something the artists usually can not determine. Their determination often is limited to destruction of own works or to rejecting offers.

Works of art are not things that are distributed in the exhibition space. They depend upon the totality of artistic production and the religious, social, political, economic, media, fashion, et cetera conditions of their time. Clearly, objects are not objective. The framing contexts determine what they appear to be. Nothing remains in place. Everything can be deconstructed by referring to something else. Thus, the objects win or loose meaning.

Therefore, since neither art, nor the people can define the context of any artwork, this series of exhibitions without any exhibitions does pose the question: What´s the matter with men and art?

The private collection series will not generate audience to an event. Instead, it carries art into peoples everyday life. Everyone may be and can be a private collector. If you want to be part of it, get in contact. From understanding of your idea of time, place, budget, and expectation for the exhibition, the exhibition will be realised. Art looks after itself.

In the middle of the moment a gap may open and imagination is hung at poise. Unseen, maybe. Beaming.