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Within the void everything is about the crossing of all rational reasons to enter the the direct reciprocity of inter-being.

Inter-being means that the Ego cannot be a benchmark of its relationships.

Inter-being means, too: art is determined by a direct experience of the individual performing an answer within a conversation.

This conversation within the voids between things and people and ideas is most important. A multi-perspective of allowance is intended, not an individual style or a branding of emptiness.

Artistically this means, among other things, that personal style is not an essential aspect of art. This is reflected in works like The Collection of S., the book project robert lax - channeled or the Archive of Chance.

Although, we can not make pictures of the void, we have to make pictures, because we live in a phenomenal world of appearances. Within the self-evidence of this world, art is a gap that appears like an apparition.